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Vehicle Tracking has never been so affordable

Most people buy tracking systems for one of three reasons:- Security, Live Track or the Vehicle Audit Trail.

Now you can have all three with one device.

Security- knowing your vehicle is safe.

Live Tracking - You know where your vehicles are and can make decisions based on that knowledge.

Detailed audit trail - The Visionaire System records all vehicle activity (even driver behaviour) each day and allows you access to this detailed information for a rolling 12 month period.

Live Tracking

Full Audit History

Infringement Alerts

Driver Behaviour

Records Mileage

Records Engine Hours

Records Speed

Your cost effective road to peace of mind

Phone app available for ease of use

Driver behaviour monitoring

Tilt,overturn and impact alerts

Nationwide Fitting Service

£299.00 inc VAT

Remote Immobilisation feature


The Visionaire unit can be set up to send the owner instant alerts via email or text - immediately letting them know if the vehicle is on the move or is being tampered with. The unit can also be configured to notify of assistance request alerts (via the optional ‘panic button’), speed violations, interruption of power supply, loss/blockage of GPS signal, low battery, bonnet open. Remote immobilisation and geofencing are also an options. Unlike other tracking devices, there are very low  subscription costs once you’ve bought the Visionaire unit.

* Subject to network and roaming charges.

A selection of extra information can also be viewed; for example, archived location lists, journey routes, distances covered, key on and off times, daily (and total) engine running hours, miles travelled and travelling speeds. If the vehicle is in use at the time of accessing the system, it can be seen moving across the screen in real time. Most importantly, the device can alert the owner whether the vehicle moves. So, even if the vehicle is being  hotwired or stolen using its own keys, the owner can still receive alerts and continue to track its exact movements. (Home Office figures reveal that 85% of stolen vehicles are now stolen using the vehicle’s own keys)

Outstanding Value

New Web Interface

Coming soon

SIM cards roam UK and EU regions ensuring the best signal possible at all times.

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