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Everyone may have a different reason for using satellite tracking.

What can Visionaire do for you?

Deciding to fit a GPS tracking device can have several  implications. Everyone's need may be different. The Visionaire system is designed so you can “tailor” the solution for your own needs. You only need to use the parts of the system that are important to you-the first “out of the box” solution. You can at anytime change the parameters you have set if your circumstances or needs change. Below we have listed some examples of people who have fitted the system based on their needs.This may help you if you compare their needs to yours.

High Value Car

Young Love

John bought Debbie a Range Rover Sport and he was worried about “Car Jacking”. A discreet panic button gave comfort to them both. John will know immediately if Debbie has any problems. Debbie has also found the system useful because she uses the car for business and is paid a mileage allowance. Debbie is now able to substantiate her mileage claims with her boss and the taxman- a win win situation for all concerned.

Maintain output

New Tractor

Relieve the stress

Ben’s Employees

John and Debbie

Fred the Farmer and his tractor

Ben the businessman with vans

Fred ordered his new tractor with a Visionaire tracker unit fitted. This enables Fred to know where his tractor is at all times. He also knows how many hours the engine has been running each day and a monthly running total. This is useful for him to check service intervals and chargeable work. The feature of being able to remotely disable the tractor at the end of each day helps to prevent theft if left on site overnight.

Ben wanted to know where his workers were each day. Operating remotely from the office he was never sure what time his staff had arrived on site. After fitting Visionaire tracking devices he knows what time they arrived on site and how long they stayed there. He is also able to see what route they took and what speed they travelled. Now being able to easily see bad driving he is able to ensure all employees drive safely.

Fitting Visionaire tracking solution gave me total peace of mind. I know that my vehicles are where they should be at all times which gives me a comfortable feeling night and day

Mary and the Motorhome


Mary purchased a new motorhome at the cost of £55,000. She was really worried about security on this vehicle. Mary decided to have a Visionaire tracking system installed with additional switches fitted to the vehicle’s doors. If anyone opens a door or moves the vehicle, even with its own keys, she will know about it immediately. Mary also likes being able to look back at the detailed routes she has taken when on holiday.   

Relax and enjoy

Be ready for the future