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At Digital Communications Technologies everyone in the organization is driven by the desire to provide you, our customer, with the best devices and web based tracking interface to ensure it meets all customer expectations. DCT will continue to be a global leader in these fields as far as the future can be determined.

DCT was first incorporated in 1998 after several years of research and development into the wireless arena. We design, develop, manufacture and commercialise wireless solutions for M2M (Machine-to-Machine) applications focusing on three main market segments: GPS Mobile Data Solutions, Utilities and the Security Industry for alarms & monitoring. Our products are hardware and software compatible with customer’s needs and applications. The ANTARES GPS, CAPELLA, SYRUS and VEGA devices have been certified on many different wireless networks.

Global Manufacturer of GPS devices based in USA distributed in UK by Carrotech

Our  ISO9001:2000 certified factory continues to manufacture the best quality products to meet the technological advances required to supply global demand.

UK distribution of the hardware components, customer support and installation arrangements are handled exclusivity by Carrotech Ltd. DCT have supplied Carrotech with hardware and support in the UK since 2006 and consider Carrotech a valuable resource in providing customer support in the UK.


DCT based in USA designed and built the Visionaire tracking platform in 2009 after extensive development  Final testing was completed in several countries throughout the world. This ensured the stability and user friendliness of the web based interface. The service was launched in 2010. Now the growth of DCT is not limited by third party tracking solution suppliers.  The innovative idea to provide the web based tracking platform at a very low cost for customers is unique. This means you, the customer, can purchase products from our distributors throughout the world knowing they receive the full support from DCT. This will enable you to get the best out of the product and be future proof for the years ahead.

Visionaire Web Platform